About Bike Inn Spain

The Bicycle is perhaps the greatest single human invention.

Hi, I am Tim, your host and one of your guides. We organise mountain bike holidays in rural Castellon, Valencia. I was brought up in England and have been riding bikes as long as i can remember. My family all ride bikes. The bike inn spain is a complete spanish cycling experience.

I am a qualified interpreter and work freelance in Spanish industry. After a spell in Central and South America, working and cycling, I settled in Spain. I lived in the Basque Country for 15 years where MTB singletrack trails have been popular for many years. This is where i really began to ride off road. I have a Basque son, who loves bikes and is often here.

I have spent the last few years exploring and mapping challenging MTB trails in the Maestrazgo mountains of Northern Castellon. These rural off road routes have become the basis of our mountain biking tours. This region also offers quiet, surfaced, minor roads with dramatic ascent-descent and spectacular scenery. Benicarlos' brand new outdoor cycle velodrome is just five minutes from The Bike Inn. 

Cycle down from the mountain ridge to the untouched beaches in the Serra de Irta Natural Park, a perfect way to blend MTB adventure with a unique and relaxing Mediterranean holiday.

This isn't just about the Bikes. Our Spanish-Catalan village location means that you can experience authentic life in rural Spain. Yet we are just minutes away from the Costa Azahar beaches of the Mediterranean. Every day can be different. Calig, the village, is like a wheel hub with the roads and trail paths like spokes heading out in every direction. There is much to explore inland too, 4000 year old cave paintings in Valtorta, Iberian ruins, historic San Mateo, mountain castles, village fiestas, all accesible on Mountain bike.