Bee Keepers cottage

I bought the Beekeeper's house six years ago. It is a tall terrace village house built from solid stone walls, 50cm. thick. The walls are over 800 years old. The present floor plan dates back to 1880.The building is orientated north-south and opens onto two historic streets, with a large back door, great for bike access and storage. 

I decided to do most of the basic labouring myself, learning building skills as I went along from friends and professional acquaintances.

However, the roof was built by local builders and designed by Studiodek.

The original floors (3 floors at the front and 2 at the back) and staircase meant that to gut the building would have destroyed a unique and eccentric building. I kept and restored the split-level floor plan, original wooden beams and floor tiles, the 100 year old hung staircase and mezzanine interior balcony, even the honey press! Sticky work! 

We knocked out all the partition walls to allow the intense light of the Mediterranean right into the house and replaced the roof with a modern stepped flat roof accessibe by stairs from the terrace. We rewired, replumbed for solar energy then remortared the entire abode, turning it into ....The Bike Inn.