Peñiscola is a beach resort, centred around the beautiful isthmus walled castle and old town citadel. A bike lane runs the 5km beach promenade from Benicarlo. Our Mountain Bike Excursions access the north entrance of the Serra de Irta Natural Park at Font Nova, just south of Peñiscola,Spain.

In summer, the population increases ten fold, with hundreds of shops, bars and restaurants including the famous "Mandarina" lounge bar Open. Road Cycling Tours We ride all the way from The Bike Inn in Calig via Vinaros and Benicarlo or direct to Peñiscola.

Peñiscola. Once the official seat of the Vatican, the pope “Papa Luna” was eventually excommunicated as a heretic. The castle is well worth a visit. The Knights Templar were responsible for most of the construction, although a fortified town has been here since Moorish Arab Spain. Cycling tours in Spain, from Peñiscola to Alcossebre.