Serra De Irta

The park has stayed much as it was a 1000 years ago. Ancient moorish castles perch on the mountain ridge. The beaches of the park are unique, made up of fine shell chippings, some almost sand, some complete shells. An extensive network of footpaths, walkways and bike routes allow visitors access to the interior.

Alcossebre is a low key and low rise beach town at the south entrance of the Serra de Irta natural park. As a result of astute town planning, limiting building height to five storeys, they have avoided the high rise development of other unfortunate parts of coastal Spain.

Alcossebre has a sister town, Alcala de Xivert, ten kilometres inland. The close asociation between Alcala, Alcossebre and the Natural Park has encouraged the protection of dunes and beach flora, giving its beaches a wild and natural appearance.

One of those hidden corners of the earth in Castellon, Valencia, Spain. From Alcossebre in the south to Peñiscola in the north, this relatively unknown stretch of Mediterranean coast is tucked between the mountains and the sea. Even before it was designated a Natural park, urban development was limited by inaccesability. Whilst there is a gravel road that follows the coast, very few motor vehicles venture far into the park. There are no overhead electric cables and only a few surviving houses. In some areas, the original farming terraces can still be seen on the valley sides. Natural springs flow from the mountain side and reach the beaches underground, where they emerge as bubbling streams.

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