Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions The bikeinspain.com website and photos are the property of bikeinspain.com  Accuracy The user accepts that The website is subject to modification or changes at any time without prior notice. The user agrees not to use the content of this website without prior permission. Copyright conditions apply. Endorsement We are not responsible for the content of any links to third party websites that appear within the bikeinspain.com website.

Booking/Reservations For 7-day/7-night week stay, we require a reservation deposit of 25% of the total cost of the week-stay package, payable 15 days prior to your arrival date. You also agree to accept responsibility for acting on behalf of any group reservation.  A 10% booking fee garantees a room, particularly at easter and in high season. Book Early. 10% Group Discounts for groups of four/five persons. All prices quoted will be respected at the time of booking. Single ocupation and shared accommodation

Cancellations By you, whilst we endeavour to change or rescheldule any reservation, we cannot garantee any alternative dates, subject to circumstances beyond our control. Reservation cancelations made by us will be refunded.

Personal Travel Insurance Mountain Bike trails require proof of Valid Insurance, specific holiday insurance  required even for european citizens. No insurance, no ride. We Provide Helmets and mountain bikes. The customer accepts the use of this equipment as his responsibility and will endeavour to use them with due care. We do not accept responsibility for any accident or injury caused as a result of using this equipment.

You also agree to follow the instructions of your MTB guide at all times and Ride within your capabilities. Any Medical Condition must be brought to our attention. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, damage to you or your personal items that might occur during your stay.

DISCLAIMER The Bike Inn Spain reserves the right to change any information without prior notice. However, all prices quoted will be respected at the time of booking.

hire bikes Any additional bike you wish to hire locally will require specific terms which will be negociated with our local MTB dealer.